Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cute Scene Hair EMO quotes

Kiss me i`m emo!

I want to be your favorite hello – and you’re hardest goodbye.

Love can be a positive emotion.
When it forces you to better yourself.

What love we’ve given, we’ll have forever.
What love we fail to give, will be lost for all eternity.

There once was a time
When silence meant nothing to me.

"The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else in return."

I never stopped loving you.
I just stopped letting it show.

Times a precious thing to waste, but friends are more precious.

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.

"One can only feel desolate for so long Until one starts to change Into something the mirror doesn't recognize I metamorphasize"
"It's hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does."

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

beatles scene hair cut

beatles scene hair cut

John Lennon and Paul McCartney take a two-week vacation in Paris,
France, funded with the 100 pounds that John had been given by his
Aunt Elizabeth two weeks before his 21st birthday. While in Paris,
they meet with Hamburg friend Jurgen Vollmer, who persuades John
and Paul to permanently restyle their hair into the "Beatle
haircut", which is the way most French teenagers are wearing their
hair. [Note: The Beatles, with the exception of Pete Best, had
adopted the "Beatle haircut" the previous spring during a 3-month
residency at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg, West Germany. Stu
Sutcliffe had been the first to have his hair cut in that fashion,
and the others (except Pete) soon had their hair cut in that style
also. But they had reverted to their earlier hair style upon their
return to England in July 1961.

scene hair red blonde hair

red blonde scene hair dye have been popular only when people saw Rita Hayworth in 1940.
she became a start only because she had a strange hair - something unique that no one else has tried before. Scene hair is also relevant to our time - 2010 and will stay cool for decades to come.

people always want to change, to try a new scene hair and even EMO fashion. if you are like everybody else than you just nobody. try to be somebody ( lol ! like merilyn manson song - we are nobodies trying to be somebodies).

so get you scissors, hair colors, fan and stuff and start dye your head today. get you scene hair now because tomorrow it will be too late!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Help with doing Scene hair

Okay, i already have the scene hair cut/style (link to how it looks
but i don't know how to make it look like that. mine is just flat with no volume. tell me how? please!
(ps. my hair is wet at the moment so i can do anything with it)

Use Volume Shampoo / Conditioner. Then go need to go a hair cut place that specializes in scene hair, and have them cut it to make it into scene hair.

Ok, so while it's wet, put moose in it. Like fluffy it up at the top. When when it dry's, use a big, like, the weird bristle round one and put it under ur hair and andkinda roll it down,while adding hair spray. then at the end, take moose and at the top, scrunch alittle in, good luck!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

scene hair kids

Take a look at scene hair kids. We will address how to identify a scene kid or teen and explore the phenomenon of the scene movement.

Have you ever been walking down the street and passed a group of kids or teens with lots of colorful makeup? Perhaps, when you took a further glance, you could not tell which of the children were boys and which were girls? And, when you looked at their hair or tried to hear their music, you felt as if they were from another planet?

Welcome to the world of the scene movement, a movement embraced by many scene hair kids in our culture today.

Many parents have a near heart attack when they see their children transform into scene kids. You might just be one of those parents who is facing the transformation as you are reading this.

Should you be worried that you child is becoming a scene kid?

Well, let's take a look at some of the characteristics of scene kids and teens and you will see that the scene movement is not such a bad thing.

First, let's take a look at the scene hair.

The first element of scene hair is that it is teased and tossed much more than any regular type of hairstyle. The hair can be long or short but it is clearly identified by streaks of color. Scene kids love color in their hair.

Next, you may realize that scene kids have their own language, especially when they are writing. One element of this movement is uniqueness, as we see with the hair and now the language. The language that they use is often a derivation of words that we use in the English language. In writing, scene

scene hair test post

scene hair test post

short emo scene hair

If you've spent any time on the Internet looking for short emo scene hair, you've seen those sites that use hype to sell their products. You can't miss hype, with its exclamation points, bold and caps text, and enthusiasm through the roof. But when is hype appropriate and will it really help you with your search for short emo hair ?

If you visit a lot of short emo scene hair sites on the net, you'll begin to notice that most of them are exactly the same. Sure, they are selling different brands of short emo hair, but on the surface they are about as different as the Olsen twins!

Emo Scene Hair Explained video

Emo Scene Hair Explained

It takes him a while to get around to it, but it's a reasonably Emo Scene Hair Explained.

Friday, June 18, 2010

scene hair pictures boy emo

scene hair pictures boy emo:

scene hair pictures boy emo by xJasonRogersx

Scene Hair video How to do VERY BIG Emo scene hair

Scene Hair video How to do VERY BIG Emo scene hair

Scene Hair video How to do VERY BIG Emo scene hair